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Introducing GoDraw3

Welcome to GoDraw3.

GoDraw3 is a whole new way to draw in FileMaker. Its  native FileMaker features gives freedom to a user and flexibility to the developer of the custom app.

Freedom for the User

There is a lot of freedom for a user of GoDraw3 to draw images and store them in FileMaker.

  1. Create a brand new image or draw on an existing picture.
  2. Use drawing tools such as a pen or shape tool inside GODraw3's drawing canvas.
  3. Save the image in one of four possible formats: .png, .jpg, .pdf, or .svg format and use these formats for other purposes.
  4. Open an image and re-edit the drawing.
  5. Use standard shortcuts to speed up the workflow.

Flexibility for the Developer

GoDraw3 is all native FileMaker.

  1. The application is primarily a web viewer app. It uses the JavaScript library Zwibbler to enable the drawing functionality.
  2. The web viewer app is self-contained in a separate file, making it easy to integrate into an existing custom app.
  3. FileMaker buttons run scripts which call the functionality of the JavaScript library.
  4. The scripts contain options, such as {"fillStyle": red, "roundRadius: 20px} which are passed to the web viewer app and used in the drawings.
  5. The image is stored three ways:
    1. in the container in a format chosen by the user (.png, .jpg, .pdf)
    2. in a text field as an .svg
    3. in a text field as a JSON object

Because of the  native nature of GoDraw3, there are plenty of possibilities for customization. GoDraw3 is completely open a developer to do with it what she wishes.