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GODraw Tools

GoDraw3 is a fully featured drawing application


GoDraw3 comes with 20 drawing tools and actions. These tools are used in the drawing canvas in the web viewer, and they are called by FileMaker scripts. Here is the list of tools included:

  • Text Tool
  • Round Red Rectangle
  • Round Blue Rectangle 
  • Rectangle
  • Circle
  • Arrow
  • Line
  • Brush
  • Pointer
  • Bezier
  • Curve
  • Insert Image
  • Undo/Redo
  • Group/UnGroup
  • Arrange
  • Insert Favorite Image
  • Copy Node
  • Paste Snippet
  • Copy/Paste
  • Save in a format (.jpg, .svg, .pdf)
  • Cancel

Additionally a user can add or remove a background image and manipulate the size and color of the drawing canvas. 


Again, the tools and actions presented above are tools in the web viewer's canvas, but they are called by FileMaker scripts.  

Here is the structure of script calls.

  • Scripts that are attached to buttons are found in the GoDraw3 app: Application Modules/Private / UI Scripts folder in the Script Workspace. 
    • Each script here does two things:
      • Call a script found in the Modules / Public / API / Editing Commands Script workspace folder. These scripts will set the correct options for the selected tool. 
      • Call the generic "Execute JavaScript" script, passing into it the options to select the correct tool in the web viewer

Here is an example of the script calls using the Text tool:

  1. A FileMaker button outside the web viewer has the Text script attached.
  2. This text script 
    1. Calls the Get Text Tool script which sets up the proper parameters::
      1. function: "selectTool"
      2. parameter: $toolOptions :  {"tool" ; "text"}
      3. callback: ""
    2. Calls the Evaluate JavaScript script