Basic Customization

GoDraw3 - Basic Customization from Geist Interactive on Vimeo.

The GoDraw3 app is a web viewer application that uses FileMaker scripts to activate functionality. The scripts call JavaScript functions within the library. The web viewer and buttons are found on a layout. Here is the interface that ships with GoDraw3:

Completely Customizable

Because GoDraw3 is native FileMaker, your interface can be whatever you want. GoDraw ships with a basic one and all the tools possible, but you can design it however you want. This means:
  • You can change the positions of of the buttons in the window
  • You can remove features and tools from your app.
  • You can add features to your app (an advanced feature).


  1. The Web viewer has the object name of "GoDrawWeb". This is essential to the scripting. 
  2. All buttons will call a script. Most have no parameters since there's a script for each feature. 
  3. The "Save" buttons at the bottom right do contain script parameters for a specific save type. 
  4. Two buttons, Get Selected Node Data (top right, next to the paste) and Open Document Property Panel actually call popovers. Be sure to include those popovers.
  5. Each button should run the script with the "Resume Current Script" option chosen.

Possible Customizations

There is a lot you can do with this application. Here is a start, but there is so much more you can do with this:

  1. Rearrange the buttons to whatever configuration you wish. 
  2. Remove certain buttons, and thus functionality.
  3. Remove one or more of the save formats

For a discussion of the advanced customizations, see Advanced Customizations

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