Advanced Customization

GoDraw3 is Native FileMaker, and as such can be customized to whatever is required for your custom app.

Basic customization can be done by rearranging the drawing canvas, but you can get even more advanced using the following ideas

GoDraw3 - Advanced Customization from Geist Interactive on Vimeo.

Adding Buttons

It is possible to add functionality to your GoDraw3 application. It comes with many features, but there are more that could be added.

Changing Settings

The GoDraw3 example file comes with preset options for some of the tools. Here are the options preset for the Round Red Rectangle tool found in the GoDraw3 script "Round Red Rectangle". IN this case, we duplicated the "Rectangle" script and added a JSON array to the $toolOptions variable.

Every tool script contains the $toolOptions variable; in most cases it is empty. However, this variable can be filled with properties to set for the tool. A complete list of properties is found   here.

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